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Who is Elohim?

The God of the Earth. The second time to descent on Earth after being born as Alpha 330 million years ago. He taught the difference between good and evil with his love and the mind of justice.

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Good and bad

Some Earthlings become depraved by indulging in worldly desires and question what’s good and bad, or right and wrong as Earthlings.

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The Cause of the Hell

150 million years ago, the realm of hell was not clearly separate as it is today. But there was already discord and a feeling of inequality between people...

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150 millions years ago

150 million years ago on Earth. The Earth is civilized and both Earthlings and different kinds of space people from various planets are living in harmony as the same race with faith in the God of the Earth, Elohim. 

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AI totalitarianism and surveillance capitalism

The birth of AI totalitarianism. GAFA already know so much about you: Your searches, interests, shopping habits, relationships, beliefs... How does it influences us...?

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The Danger of Totalitarianism

He also traveled the world to give lectures on freedom, democracy and faith in order to counter China’s ambitions for hegemony, military expansion, and human and religious rights violations caused by materialistic and atheist ways of thinking that communism is based on

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